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Health and Women Empowerment

Health , well being and women empowerment leads to a better society. Healthy society is the essence of progress. Health of mininig workers, community, common man would be addressed in a systematic manner.

Empowering women at various levels would help to create a strong society whcih would bring participatory approach in dedcison making and contribute to social welfare.

Focus activities :

1. Health camps
2. Health sensitization of community, mining workers, general public,
3. Government programs
4. Devising health based solutions
5. Health based projects
6. Economic and social empowerment of women.
7 Participation of women in projects.








Complete Projects


Many children and poor people are at high risk of severe malnutrition

  • Support for school, health and environment by supporting

  • Support the larger cause of humanity, social development and brand visibility.

  • Support the larger cause of people, society, environment for the State and nation.

  • Meeting the targets of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) for eradication of poverty towards attainment of peace and harmony for global growth.

  • • Individual and civil society • Government • Corporate sector • Bilateral and Multilaterals • International agencies • Organisations working for human development ,poverty eradication and achieving the SDG’s .