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Financial Inclusion

Economically and socially backward community need to come to the mainstream of development. Financial inclusion is key to strengthen the poor segment of society. It is crucial to design and provide income generate activities so that economically they are empowered. Programs based on increasing income level, having usable bank accounts would lead to development of the community.

Focus activities:

1. Community awareness programs with special focus on BPL families
2. Projects on bank accounts for community.
3. Engagement programs of banks and financial institutions.
4. Women centric programs on financial inclusion








Complete Projects


Many children and poor people are at high risk of severe malnutrition

  • Support for school, health and environment by supporting

  • Support the larger cause of humanity, social development and brand visibility.

  • Support the larger cause of people, society, environment for the State and nation.

  • Meeting the targets of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) for eradication of poverty towards attainment of peace and harmony for global growth.

  • • Individual and civil society • Government • Corporate sector • Bilateral and Multilaterals • International agencies • Organisations working for human development ,poverty eradication and achieving the SDG’s .